Roadside Assistance

Kettering Towing Service - Roadside Assistance 2

We have one of the best roadside assistance crews in the business plain and simple. Thanks to the years that we have in the business we have been able to update our services by doing things like adding certain tools or spare parts to our trucks to be able to provide a better service. Even knowing who to hire so that they would drive our trucks and be able to also help out people with different types of issues has been something that we have learned through the years. Today you won’t have to endure those growing pains. We provide a fully professional service that is built to get you help quickly!

You Can Expect Quick Help

When you give us a call to request assistance we will make sure to let you know how far away we happen to be from your location. We have seen that being able to provide a correct wait time so to speak has really given our clients the chance to calm down if we are close or even seek other options. We have trucks roaming the roads around Kettering all day every day. So if you happen to be driving around here, chances are we are going to be able to reach you fairly quickly.

Flat Tires

We know that being able to change a flat tire should be common knowledge. We also know that it is not common knowledge. The worst thing is these days many cars do not even come with the necessary tools to be able to actually replace a flat tire on the spot. So, if you happen to have a tire problem and for whatever reason, you believe that you are not going to be able to handle it on your own, you are not alone. You can give us a call and we will get help your way.

Battery Issues

If you are having trouble starting your car thanks to a dead battery there are plenty of options that you have to solve the situation. Of course, those options are only going to be activated if you give us a call! We actually carry around different batteries in our trucks. So, we may be able to replace your battery right there on the spot. The worst case scenario would see us helping you jump start your car. A battery issue should not keep you off the road or even on one of our trucks!

Fixing Minor Mechanical Issues

If you are experiencing certain mechanical issues with your vehicle trying to press on without checking it properly can bring bigger problems along. Give us a call and we can get to your location and give your car a look. Again in the worst case scenario, we will recommend that you allow us to bring in a tow truck so that we can get your car to the nearest shop and have it repaired so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

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