Kettering Towing Service - Lock Out 2

We have all been there. Your car works perfectly fine, but you have locked your keys inside your car so you can’t get in and because of that, you happen to be stuck in a parking lot or other place. We really can’t believe that car manufacturers have not come up with a way to completely make sure that you won’t have this problem ever again. There are actually people out there that believe in the conspiracy theory that says companies like us pay car manufacturers, to not provide a decent solution for this problem. From what we know, we don’t make enough money to be able to influence car manufacturers, so we would say that myth is busted!

Getting You Back On The Road Quickly

Just as we talked about in our jump start service page this particular service is part of our roadside assistance program. So, the way that we do this is that we have different trucks roaming around strategic points here all throughout Kettering. We will contact the truck nearest you when you give us a call so that we can make sure to arrive on the scene as quickly as possible.

Have Lock Systems Changed In Cars?

This is actually a question that we get a lot from people whose cars we are unlocking. We are sorry if we are going to spoil that conversation starter with our specialists by saying this. We just don’t want you to not call us because you may think that we are outdated. Some of the lock systems have been updated in many different vehicles. To be honest, though, the main parts remain the same. On our end, the way that we approach the service has not changed. We have had to learn about new lock systems. That is why we would like to know what kind of car you drive before we head out to your location.

How Long Will You Take?

As we mentioned we will contact the truck that is nearest you to provide the service. When we have to go through heavy traffic we may take a little longer. The wait time though is usually around 15 to 20 minutes max. We actually do our best to try and get there in under that time. As far as how long we take actually working on your car, again that can vary. We usually can get your car unlocked in under 10 minutes though!

Canceling A Service  

If you happen to find your keys as we are on our way we would highly appreciate it if you gave us a heads up. If you do not require our services anymore there are no charges or anything like that you are going to have to pay. As we said all that we ask is that you give us the common courtesy of letting us know that you no longer will be needing our services. That way we can deploy the truck to another location!

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