Jump Start

Kettering Towing Service - Jump Start 2

These days it is actually very difficult to find someone who is carrying around jump start cables to be able to lend you a hand. That is why when you are having battery issues you can call KJ's Towing Service of Kettering so that we can arrive at your location and lend you a hand. This service is actually part of our roadside assistance services. The reason that we believe it is relevant that we bring this is up is that we can go through a lot of different tests and solutions for a battery issue. It is not like we are just going to try and jump-start your vehicle and leave if we fail.

Providing A Quick Service

One of the most important things that we believe that we need to be able to do if we are going to offer this service is to get the job done quickly. The way that we like to work is as follows. You give us a call, you let us know where you are located and that you require a jump start service. We will make sure that we have a truck that is near your location and we will send it out to you.

Beyond A Jump Start

There are times when vehicles may just require a jump start and that will be enough to be able to get them where they need to be. Other times their battery issue may be a lot more complex and require a lot more help. In these cases what we can do is make sure that the battery is firm in the right location. If a jump start won’t do the trick may be replacing the battery will be able to get you back on the road. Our goal is to be able to provide as many potential solutions as possible.

Getting Expert Assistance

We have talked about the fact that the people that provide these services on our end are fully qualified to be able to suggest and to perform different types of adjustments in your vehicle. Most of the times we may limit the help to just mingling with the battery. You can be sure though that the entire process will be performed as safely as possible.

We Don’t Want You On One of Our Trucks!

This may seem like a weird thing to say. When you give us a call and ask for one of these services the last thing that we really want us to see your vehicle on one of our trucks being towed away. We provide these services so that you can get right back on the road without needing to be towed away. We want to make our intentions perfectly clear. We know that a lot of times people may believe that it is a bad idea to call a towing service asking for a jump start. As what we will do is try and force you onto one of our trucks. We want to assure you that, this will not be the case!

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