DUI But Why?

Drinks with friends at a birthday party. Cocktails with a loved one on New Years. Maybe a few shots with coworkers at a Christmas party. All 3 situations are obviously a celebration of some sort. But even though there are 100s and 100s of ads and commercials about it, drunk driving is truly not something to celebrate. There are so many alternatives to, “I only had a few” or “Nah. I’m good to drive”.


               Tow truck operators have what some may say is a sinister side to them when it comes to DUI. When a tow truck driver gets a call that the local police need a vehicle towed from a traffic stop, it means the call is a police call and police calls are usually very profitable for the operator. Sometimes those calls involve a vehicle needing to be towed from a traffic stop because the driver was arrested for DUI. It may sound harsh but tow truck drivers are glad when that happens.


We would much rather show up to a DUI stop to you alive and in the back of a police cruiser than show up to a scene of mangled metal and fatalities. Tow trucks and their drivers are usually swamped on holidays such as New Years or Independence Day. Sometimes it can be because the “I only had few” driver got pulled over but sometimes it can also be because the “Nash, I’m good” driver lost control and caused the death of of an innocent motorist that was too smart to drive drunk or buzzed. Another reason they could be swamped is because motor clubs such as AAA offer valuable help to those that don’t act stupid and drive drunk.


Everyone has seen that “AAA will tow you home for free on New Years” Facebook post that pops up every year. While it sounds like a great thing, it is only partially true. There are limitations mostly based on location. However, they will usually offer to take you and your car home at a significantly reduced rate almost as a reward for not driving drunk. The rates will always be different based on where and how far you need to go but that is a small price to pay compared to the estimated $10,000 cost of getting a DUI. Not to mention, the physical cost being the loss of your car and your legal ability to drive it which means your job is most likely gone too.


Tow truck drivers may be vocal and praise you for your decision to call them or they may simply pickup you and your car and stay silent. Either way, we are still grateful that we aren’t picking up your mangled and blood filled car. That is why many towing companies and its drivers will try to “up sell” motor club membership or their “rewards” program. They help you help them. WE all know however, the easiest way to avoid it altogether is simply….Don’t Drink and Drive.


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