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Kettering Towing Service - Accident Recovery 2               With nearly 6 million traffic accidents each year in the United States alone, there is no question that America’s tow truck drivers stay busy throughout each day and night. Present day towing companies are much more efficient when providing accident recovery services to unfortunate drivers. The first tow truck came alive in 1916. But the world’s first car accident was much earlier.


In 1891, the first documented car crash occurred in Ohio City, Ohio. The state of Ohio was known for a significant amount of firsts in the automobile industry which includes the first crash. The name of the unfortunate soul was James Lambert. Lambert was driving one of the first single cylinder engine automobiles that met the start of its demise with a tree. One of Lambert’s acquaintances, James Swoveland was also in the car.


While traveling down a dusty road, the pair rolled over a large tree root in the roadway that caused Lambert to lose control and eventually strike a hitching post. Swoveland and Lambert were not seriously injured in the crash and were able to walk away on their own. Fortunately, their car was able to venture away from the scene of the crash as well. The accident inspired Lambert to become well known for over 600 inventions that were mostly affiliated with the automotive industry including the first gas powered engine known in America.


8 years later, another notable crash occurred. The death of Henry Hale Bliss was caused by what is known as the first fatality in an American car crash. Bliss was exiting a trolley in New York City and was struck by a taxicab. The impact lifted Bliss off of his feet and he fell onto the sidewalk which caused severe injury to his head and chest. Medical personnel rendered services to Bliss and transported him to the nearest hospital to no avail. Bliss died the next morning as a result of his ailments.


Over the years since those 2 accidents, many other notable events have occurred as a result of a traffic crash. Many of these events unfortunately involve the death of one or more of those involved. In 1999, Diana “princess of Whales” was killed when her chauffeur crashed the Mercedes Benz W140 that she was riding in while traveling in a Paris tunnel. The life of known actor Paul walker was also cut short by a car accident involving his best friend’s high performance Porsche. Dale Earnhardt, a successful NASCAR driver, died as a result of it he injuries he sustained in a racing crash during the 2001 Daytona 500.


While traffic crashes are never a positive event, many positive and beneficial innovations have come to fruition because of them. The invention of the airbag, seatbelts, and other critical safety equipment is a direct results of information obtained in traffic crashes. Today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association or NHTSA regulates and monitors all vehicles for their safety rating by intentionally crashing them. Drive Safe!

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