Accident Recovery

Kettering Towing Service - Accident Recovery 2

If you have been in a bad accident you are going to need the right towing service to give you a hand in getting your car off the road. Our Accident Recovery services are some of the best in the business. We are in an area like Kettering where we get a lot of cars going off the road at certain times during the year.  So you can say that sadly we get a lot of practice. The last thing that you need in an accident recovery job is to do more damage to the car than it already has!

When Can I Call?

A lot of times we will get calls directly from the authorities or third parties to provide these services. This is usually because the person that was inside the car may have been injured. If this is the case what we will do is make sure that we can contact the owner of the car to indicate the vehicle's location to them. If you need the service to be provided on a private road chance the call is going to need to come from a person inside the property as for the most part the authorities will not get involved in these cases.

Heavy Duty Towing

We have had to team lift a lot of vehicles in our day to be able to get them from the pavement onto one of our trucks. If you have a vehicle that is in a tough spot give us a call or contact us immediately. That way we will be able to get your vehicle off the pavement and onto of our trucks in no time. As we have mentioned in other areas of our site we may need to know a couple of things before we will be able to provide our services correctly.

Rides To & From The Shop

Ok, so we have gotten your car onto one of our trucks, now what? Well, one of the options that we have available is to give your car a lift directly to the shop. That way when you are in an accident you won’t have to worry about what you are going to do with your car. Just be sure to schedule our services ahead of time. That way we can guarantee that we will be able to get your car to and from the shop in time.

Where Will I Have To Pick Up My Car?

We wanted to touch upon this subject yet again because we get a lot of doubts about this. Especially from people who have been in a major wreck and did not even realize that we were the ones that provided the service. As we mentioned we will do our best to make sure that we contact the people whose vehicles we tow. At times in this particular service, things are going to get more complicated in that regard. If you need to find your car and you are searching for different towing services in the area, by all means, give us a call.