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Having a go-to towing service is literally like having a family doctor. It is knowing that you are only one call away from feeling like you are in safe territory. At KJ's Towing Service of Kettering we want to become that go-to towing service for the people of Kettering Ohio and neighboring areas. We know that giving us a call or being in a situation where you would need to do that may not be something that you are looking forward to. That being said, knowing that you are calling a service that can really make your life easier can really be comforting.

About Us  

At KJ's Towing Service of Kettering we are a people first business. We know that we work with your car and all of that, but in reality, our priority is to get people out of those tight spots that can be dangerous on the road. All of our services are geared towards helping people figure out what the best course of action is even in the most difficult of circumstances. When you are hiring one of our services we want you to be able to tell that we have your best interests at heart every single time!

Our Services

Speaking of a service that you may hire. As you may expect we handle all sorts of emergency services that could be needed by vehicles on the road. We take care of regular scheduled towing services as well. For the most part, though we are a team that is accustomed to working under pressure in emergency situations. We can help you jump start your car if you are having issues with your battery and things of that nature. We can help you if you locked your keys in your car. In general any type of issue you could come across while on the road can be covered by us!

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Towing Service

Though we may not think about it all that much, many homeowners would love to have an appealing bathroom. Whether this is through adding dream features, like a Jacuzzi, or simply updating to more eco friendly options and lowering your overall payments. A great bathroom can make a world of difference, and with a great ambience in the area, you may just find yourself looking for reasons to soak in the tub.

Roadside Assistance

This is one of the services that we have to say we are particularly proud of. Over the years we have been able to build the best roadside assistance crew in this area of Ohio by far. We have a team of trucks and experts that are ready to head out to your location if you happen to be in a tough situation where you may need our help. We can help solve minor mechanical issues on the spot, change tires, batteries and things like that to get you back on the road as soon as possible!

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Kettering Towing Service - Roadside Assistance 1
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24 Hour Emergency Towing

As we always like to say the roads are open 24 hours a day and because of that so are we! Obviously, there aren’t too many opportune moments for your car to break down, but if you had to pick the worst time that is when it tends to happen the most! Luckily, we don’t know of any real inopportune time on our watch. We can head out at any given time and pick you up and get your car towed to a safe location as quickly as we can.

Accident Recovery

There are very few things that feel worse both physically and emotionally than being in an accident. When you are in that situation the last that you want to have to worry about is what am I going to do with my car. If the authorities take it somewhere, where am I going to have to go looking for it? We can pick up your car straight from the scene of the accident or any local facility where it was taken. Then, get it towed to the nearest or best shop in town to get it repaired. Effectively saving you quite a few headaches!

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Jump Start

If you are having trouble starting your car we can help give you a jump. That way you can take your car normally to the nearest shop or the place that you know will be able to take care of it. Not every single issue that you are going to face on the road is going to require a towing service. Going with a company that has the ability to be able to see that can be a big advantage.


This is just the worst because there is really nothing virtually wrong with your car you just don’t have the keys to turn it on! We have been providing this service for a while, so you can bet that our guys will arrive on the scene and help you get your keys back quickly. This is a frustrating scenario, but we can help you through it quickly!

We have been stranded on the road on numerous occasions and, knowing that KJ's Towing Service of Kettering has our back is really a great feeling. They literally allow us to not worry about a thing!

Rita G.

When I was in an accident the world was just crumbling down on me. The guys at KJ's Towing Service of Kettering were real lifesavers. They really took a lot of worries out of my head and I am very grateful for the awesome service that they provided!

Diana F.

I regularly call the guys at KJ's Towing Service of Kettering to move a lot of my vehicles. I like the way that they treat me and they treat my cars. It is just great all around service!

Steven R.

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Now that you have gotten the opportunity to read a little bit about the towing services that we offer we hope that you agree that we can help with virtually any issue that you may be facing while out on the road. So, if you feel that we may be the company that can help you get out of the tough spot don’t hesitate to call or contact us. We are ready to help out!

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